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Year-Month Circular
2019-05 Circular 2019-05 Revised safety requirements for portable power banks
2019-04 Circular 2019-04 Certification and registration of AC adapters (CAB)
2019-03 Circular 2019-03 Certification and Registrations of AC adaptors to be used with/bundled together with Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs)
2019-02 Circular 2019-02 Investigation of unregistered 3-pin plugs not complying with SS-145-1
2018-06 Circular 2018-06 for RS Roles and Responsibilites
2018-05 Circular 2018-05 for storage water heaters
2018-04 Cir 2018-04 (New Additional Safety Authority Requirement for Gas Co..
2018-03 Cir 2018-03 Updates on usage of SAFETY Mark
2018-02 Cir 2018-02 Formation of ESG and update of Safety Mark
2018-01 Cir 2018-01 Addendum to CPS Circular 2017-05 (Revised)
2017-01 Cir 2017-01 Additional Safety Requirements on Ceiling Fans
2016-01 Cir 2016-01 Safety Requirements for Adaptor(s) bundled with Breast Pumps
2015-01 Cir 2015-01 Additional Safety Requirements for Portable Power Banks
2014-02 Cir 2014-02 Minimum Edition of Safety Standards